Recent Before & After Photos

Wood Gym Floors

The water damage to this building was discovered when water started coming out of the main entrance. The gymnasium had wood floors that we were able to save. Wi... READ MORE

Water Damage

This business was in the first phase of construction when a water damage occurred. They had a deadline set to open for business and SERVPRO OF NORTH HUNTINGTON ... READ MORE

Water Damage in Commercial Building

Multiple levels of this business were affected by a sprinkler system. There were several inches of standing water in some areas. Our crew was able to extract th... READ MORE

Fire Damage to Commercial Building

A company vehicle caught fire inside of this warehouse. Once the fire department extinguished the fire and gave clearance, we were able to start the cleanup pro... READ MORE

Mold Damage

A pipe leak behind a wall caused water damage to this living room. Because the leak was undetected for an unknown amount of time, mold started to grow. SERVPRO ... READ MORE


These homeowner's returned home from vacation to find water damage in their basement. Once our crew started the demolition process, mold growth was discovered. ... READ MORE


The homeowner returned home from vacation to find water damage in his living room. Once our crew started the demolition process, they discovered that mold had f... READ MORE

Mold Clean-Up

There was visible mold growth on the structure of this basement and on the homeowner's belongings as well. Proper disposal of these items is necessary in order ... READ MORE

Mold in Kitchen

If you smell a musty, earthy odor, you may have mold in your home. Often times mold is smelled before it is seen. Once the cabinets were removed in this kitchen... READ MORE

Devastating Fire Damage

This house fire was devastating. After making sure that the homeowner was safe and ready to begin the cleanup process, our crew went right to work. SERVPRO OF N... READ MORE